Micaroon Bakery

The innovative cosmetic line created by Rima Khoreibi was launched in the UAE at the beginning of 2014. Rima, has long admired the style and elegance of women in the Middle East, who exude beauty, no matter what age they are. Women in the region are accustomed to superior quality, which Rima wanted to offer without the hefty pricetag.


During a trip to Sisley, Italy in 2009 Rima was encompassed by a world of inspiration, her love for the macaroon cookie came to the fore. She had long appreciated the macaroon as a pretty, feminine piece of modern culture and began to envision how to intertwine her desire to create a cosmetic line with this charming design.


The concept of micaroon makeup was conceived, combining the word ‘mica’ meaning natural colour pigmentation with macaroon.


micaroon makeup offers superior quality cosmetics with a massive focus on natural products and safety. The packaging inspired by macaroons are fun, fresh and quirky, instilling a desire to collect all of these edible looking products.


The brand features an array of gorgeous eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks and satin matte lipsticks, lipglosses and mascara. And recently a fabulous Luxury Body Line of bath products was introduced. The products are hand crafted, using fine ingredients from all over the world. You will find delicious and sparkling bath bombs and super fragrant cupcackes fizzing bath melts to turn your bath into a creamy oasis.


To sprinkle the whole, you can find a delicious collection of accessories… With macaroon wallets and mirrors, gorgeous ballerinas make up bags, yummy colorful har accessories…


Our delicious products are currently available in our kiosk in Dubai Mall (level 1) and in our shop at The Mall (Jumeirah Beach Road).